Barnett brotherhood crossbow

Barnett Brotherhood

What’s in the Box?
Finger reminders and a pass-through foregrip
The Barnett Brotherhood crossbow
HD camo finish composite limbs
Foot-stirrup with anti vibration
4×32 Scope
Three (3) 20-inch Headhunter arrows
Warranty and owner’s manual

7 lbs (total weight)
21″ x 35 3/4″l (total measurement)
3.5lbs trigger (pull)
Dry-fire technology
A patented string and cable system
Measures a total of 19” from axle to axle
Speed: 350 FPS (feet per second)

Join the brotherhood with this lightweight yet extremely powerful and top rated crossbows from Barnett.
Perfect for any hunter especially young ones and women, the Brotherhood has everything you need to get you started with hunting in a matter of minutes, equipped with a magnesium riser and a magnesium arrow bristle for a greater and much improved durability and ease of use; you may have a cocking device installed if you still find it hard to use
Deadly accurate, this crossbow is a force to be reckoned with in the field.

The Brotherhood crossbow is easy to set up, in fact, Barnett did a great job in providing clear and concise instructions to set up this crossbow in a matter of minutes, simply attach the crossbow’s riser onto the stock, next is to attach the foot stirrup, next attach the quick-detach quiver and scope and you’re good to go.
The Brotherhood is perfect for taking down most targets and even game, it’s a deadly accurate crossbow despite being lightweight; be sure to setup your target properly if you will be using the Brotherhood for target practice unless you’re comfortable in picking your arrows shot after shot. Heck, the Brotherhood crossbow is powerful enough to penetrate an engine’s block.

Can I Hunt With the Barnett Brotherhood? Compared to other crossbows, the Brotherhood is a little wider, yet it is narrow enough for most hunters to navigate through the woods; you may of course attach a padded sling to make it easier for you to bring it with you especially if you will be taking a longer route to reach your desired hunting ground. The Brotherhood crossbow is a bit noisy compared to other crossbows which may cause to startle your intended target, however, you may use noise dampeners to bring the noise a little bit. Reviews have praised the Brotherhood to be capable of taking down a bear, of course, you might have to run after it for a few yards; but hey, a little running makes the hunt more thrilling.

Ease of Use of the Barnett Brotherhood
Barnett brotherhood review is a very user-friendly crossbow, meaning anyone can use it regardless if they’re a novice or a professional hunter, the Brotherhood comes equipped with the CROSSWIRE cable system making this crossbow perform smoothly after every release although it doesn’t include a rope cocking device (you may purchase a separate rope cocking device to aid you in using your crossbow), while the Brotherhood is capable with several crank cocking devices, it’s better that you stick to a rope cocking device to ensure your shots are consistent.