Ensure all stock and office equipment

When it comes to moving a business from one office to another, it can take a lot of time and planning to ensure you have everything ready to move; and while it may seem a relatively easy task to move an office, when you have to start moving stock as well it can become complicated and the risk of losing goods can increase. Hiring office movers in Adelaide that have a long (and reputable) history of business moves, including the transport of stock, can make your move easier as well as removing some of the stress that is bound to come, try now.

Moving stock from one warehouse to another can take up to a week depending on how much you have to move. You need to ensure you have an up-to-date inventory prior to the move, and this can be the perfect time to see how much stock you have, whether that stock is being sold, or whether there is some you can get rid of either through discounts or by donating it to a local charity. Prior to the move you should visit your new office or warehouse with the staff members who look after your stock and map out where everything will go. The last thing you want to do is have everything arrive and then spend another week trying to figure out on which shelf which item will live. By undertaking this task, you can ensure your staff can get back to work as soon as possible after the move. While mapping out where your stock should go, you should also spend the time to allocate office space to all of your employees. This will allow your removalists to put all boxes in the correct space and will minimise any confusion between staff come moving day. For removals in Mawson Lakes, visit this page to know there Accounting services and charges.

You should allocate a senior staff member to contact all suppliers, clients and customers to provide them the details of your new office and advise them of any downtime you may experience in accepting or sending out stock.
Prior to the first day of moving, you should ensure all stock and office equipment is packed, labelled and ready for the moving company to load onto the back of the truck. You should allocate one staff member to oversee the unloading of stock to the warehouse and one staff member to oversee the unloading of office equipment. Each of these staff members should be provided with a copy of the inventory to mark off as boxes are picked up and arrive with the removalist double checking against their list of what has been loaded and unloaded. Anything that does not arrive should be followed up with the removalist company in a timely manner.

There are many certified & experienced accountants that specialise in removal services in Adelaide, but using a company that has experience in inner-city as well as suburban removals in Norwood will ensure that your office move will go smoothly with as little trouble as possible.