Inflatable hot tub repair

Inflatable hot tubs are a great and fun addition to any home regardless of how you’ll be using it, and while they can last for a long time especially when taken cared of properly, but of course, holes and leaks can develop no matter how careful you are.
Fixing an inflatable hot tub doesn’t require any hard earned skills and everyone can do it like this.
While most hot tubs include a repair kit, knowing how to use one is another different story. Below are steps and ways on how to use your repair kit to repair your hot tub and make it last longer:

Locating the Leak
The first step to successfully fix your own inflatable hot tub is to locate the source.
Of course, probing blindly isn’t going to be of much help, one efficient way to do this is by taking a spray bottle, fill it with water, add a generous amount of dish washing liquid and shake it very well, next is for you is to spray it all over your inflatable hot tub, if there are punctures and leaks, you will immediately notice air bubbles forming over the holes. You can use a washable marker to mark the affected areas. After doing this, wipe the mixture off with a paper towel so you can apply the adhesive properly.

Using the Repair Kit
Repair kits may vary among brands m spa camaro review so repairing it may vary.
The common tool among repair kits is the adhesive, one of the most common way to apply the adhesive is by applying it on the back of the vinyl and then stick it to the affected area to seal it off; of course, adhesives may have different ways to be applied so read the instructions.
Do not exert any pressure on the vinyl while you wait for the adhesive to dry.
You can spray the water and dish washing solution again to make sure you don’t miss any of punctures your hot tub may have.
If you no longer see bubbles and air pockets forming on your hot tub then you’ve successfully sealed off all punctures meaning you can enjoy more time to relax in your hot tub.

When you repair an inflatable hot tub, it can last as long as a brand new hot tub as long as you follow the proper instructions provided by the instructional manual.

Of course, you can’t simply move on to another puncture while waiting for the one you just patched up to dry up. Be patient and let it dry before you move on to another puncture.
Repair kits are an inexpensive way to repair your own inflatable hot tub, so here are the best three (3) repair kits you can buy in the market today:

BestWay Inflatable Repair Kit
Happy Hot Tubs WET or DRY Swimming Pool Repair Kit
Blutex Inflatable Hot Tub Repair Kit

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to these brands as there are many more that are available in the market today.
There are more repair kits that you can try out to repair your personal hot tub, however, while repairing your hot tub may help prolong its life, it may eventually wear out and give way. Think of the repair kits as a means to hold your inflatable hot tub before you can buy a new one.